At 40 I realized if I didn’t reach my fitness goals now it would only get harder later.

“You'll never outrun your mouth...”

Looking to lose fat over 40? Master your mouth and take a food first approach. A 30-minute meal can take a week to work off, so focus on what you're eating. Here are the tools I used to succeed.

  • Calorie Deficit
  • Low Carb Intake
  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Consistent Workouts

What you eat matters most. Choose wisely...

Cracking the code to accomplish my fitness goals changed my life. My goal is to help you change yours.

Creating and cultivating this commununity can help us all reach that next level.

WiiBeast Better Together!

Calorie Deficit

Food is fuel. Every meal you consume becomes calories you burn or store. Operating at a calorie deficit is eating fewer calories than your body burns. Without deficit you won’t lose weight.

367 Calories vs 617 Calories

Low Carb Intake

Cutting back on carbs can help with weight loss. Reducing carb intake lowers insulin production, leading to increased fat-burning and decreased fat storage.

Intermittent Fasting

You'll never out work your mouth Intermittent fasting gives your body time to burn off food and switch to burning fat. The longer you fast, the more likely your body is to make the metabolic switch. Just remember to eat - starving is not part of the plan.

Consistent Workouts

To lose weight, create a calorie deficit. Workouts accelerate this process by burning more calories and increasing the deficit. Plus, your body burns calories at an even higher rate for hours after the workout.